Keys for a safer Eurocup

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As we all know security is a crucial fact when it comes to major events such as the UEFA Euro 2016. This year about 2.5 million spectators are expected to attend the matches across France, and since Europe has been facing several terror attacks in the past months, France will get prepared in every aspect to avoid any dangers. Which turns out to be an opportunity to work on having the safest games and create great experiences for attendees.

Security checkpoints will be very strict at every access point to the Stadium and even at Fan Zones at the 10 host cities. This with the purpose of providing safety and security to people participating in any activity related to the event.

Something beyond important to accomplish this is to make sure any prohibited items are taken away at every access point of the stadium. For further information on what’s allowed and what’s not, take a look at the list of items clicking on the following Link.

All these rules were developed with the purpose of avoiding any kind of mishap or accident during EURO 2016 and for our own benefit. The goal is to make the attendees feel safe and to let them enjoy the Euro 2016 experience with no concerns.

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Avoid the fact of being held at the entrance because of the possession of something not permitted. If you want to grab some beers with your friends before the game DO IT! Just remember you cannot bring them inside the stadium. Megaphones? Of course, if you are cheering for your team use your megaphone outside of the stadium to make some noise or if your team wins, as long as it’s not inside any of the stadiums. We all want to take good pictures as such events like this one, just remember that the only device you can take inside with you is your phone. If you do have permission from UEFA to take your camera or recording device with you, then you are fine. Any suspicious


It is strongly discouraged the use of private cars to drive to the stadium. There will be no parking facilities provided for UEFA EURO 2016 spectators and participants, except for people with reduced mobility. However, the Euroexpo park and ride will be available for spectators on match days with dedicated shuttle buses to the stadium. The easiest medium way to get to stadiums is to take public transportation.

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Thanks you, Adel, for becoming our inspiration.


When an experienced organising company starts designing an event, it can become something easy – and sometimes a routine – as it normally has the knowledge, the team and the experience. However, what it is really difficult, is to get inspired to create something different.

What can a company focus on to organise and experience and how doing it in an inspiring way? We have it clear: we focus on people.

Organising an event is done “only to be done correctly” or “to fulfil goals” or to “satisfy the client”… those are our musts. An experience becomes something different when it is done with passion, simplicity and is inspired on the people to which is designed for.

In Always we believe in another way of inspiring ourselves to create events. We know anyone can think: “OK, that’s what you say”.

We wanted our last project to be described by a special guest, and hopefully to be done so, with the same passion as we consider our projects. Therefore, this is why we asked Mr. Adel Abdul, the only disabled participant that took part in UN’s InterAgency Games that were held on Port Aventura on June, to tell us his personal and sport story and open our minds to understand life and business in a different way.

He has told us how he lived his experience in 2015’s IAG. But he also opened our eyes in how an event that includes so many differences (social, cultural, physical…) must be organised and helped us to devise events with different perspectives and point of views.

We offer you his story telling so that our clients, followers, and, why not, even our competitors can be inspired by his words. In the end, Always’ advantage is that we are a company that believe in what we do. This is the reason why we share our experiences.




Berlin, is a city that crosses the border of being the capital of a country to become one of those world capitals like London or New York, among others. In this post we will see some of the many options offered in the German capital, starting from its huge history and ending with great dances and beer.

The Memorial Site of the Berlin Wall

It is the best place to learn deeply all about the Berlin Wall and the division of Germany and it is located in BernauerStrasse, north downtown.

The information center displays videos on the construction of the wall, and there is a watchtower overlooking a short stretch of wall that has been restored as the original: a striking image.

Markthalle 9

There are only two of the 13 municipal markets in Berlin. Of these, the charming market “Number 9” of Kreuzberg, 1891, is back and full of activity thanks to a lively weekly market of agricultural products, a great place to buy fresh local productes.

In Puecklerstrasse output, the famous WeltrestaurantMarkthalle is a lovely place to enjoy a schnitzel, or to have a beer on the terrace.

Three scenic spots

Berlin is a relatively flat city, so there are few places from where you can enjoy this other way to “see the city”.

The Panoramapunkt at the top of the brick tower Kollhoff (in Potsdamer Platz). It is one of the favorite vantage points in the city center. With the fastest elevator in Europe a hundred meters to enjoy the view of Berlin’s center.

On the south, the monument at the top of the hill Kreuzberg Viktoriapark, is the highest natural point in Berlin.Where you can buy some beer and stroll through the romantic waterfall during a beautiful sunset.

Finally, in the district of Neukoelln, you can find the Klunkerkranich-the so-called new “cultural roof garden”, located on top of a mall-parking. A “musical” environment with bar, DJs, live music and parties and fabulous views of Berlin.

Urban explorations

In any world city ruins would be just that: ruins. In Berlin, both photographers and artists, graffiti or curious people are attracted by many abandoned places in Berlin, and plan “urban exploration·; indeed there are web pages dedicated to it.

In the district of Treptow (in the southeast of the city), the former amusement park Spreepark is one of the most spectacular examples.

The wheel and many attractions are slowly being swallowed by the forest, and can be visited on a tour. In Teufelsberg hill you can visit what was the old  post spying for the CIA and a little further, you can take a look at the Olympic Village, the Beelitz Heilstätten hospital, or several Nazi or Soviet military zones.

Personal Experience – Santiago Bernabeu

Santiago Bernabeu Experience

Witnessing La Liga’s ending is an incredible experience, but living a match between Real Madrid CF – Valencia CF at the Santiago Bernabeu exceeds all expectations.

Santiago Bernabeu’s environment creates an atmosphere full of unique sensations, perfect to take care with customers or suppliers and even with peers outside the workplace. Appreciate how the match is viewed from within an incredible atmosphere.



The UN Internal Games (IAG) held its 42nd edition on the Costa Daurada. These games allow employees and retirees of the United Nations agencies and other organizations to know each other through sports in order to improve mutual understanding and working relationships.

Always Group handled the challenge for the second time (after 2013 sucess, but this time wanted to follow this value and led the organization of the games further, offering a project based on agreements with private partners (national and local) and involvement of public ORGANISMOS to make them feel participants in a global project, also achieving an innovative and economically sustainable event.

Figures Games (CIFRAS)

The IAG is also one of the largest private international events that require a high organizational capacity. UN through sports reunites about nearly 1,500 people from 127 countries (unos1.200 are active employees), representing a success of participation, as it increased by 75% the 2014 edition.

LAS CIFRAS are really important. During the four days that last the Games, there were 7,700 overnight stays, a total of 28,000 meals were distributed about 30,000 cafes, more than 5,000 soft drinks and 15,000 bottles of mineral water.

The games are more than numbers . Of the nearly 1,500 attendees from the 127 countries, 209 are, in both cases, from Afghanistan and the Democratic Republic of Congo, followed by France with 109 and Austria with 66. In contrast, 21 countries such as the Seychelles, just They had a representative. Spain was attended by 21 participants.

The 42nd edition of the IAG brought together a total of 13 sports, the organization has a total of 55 sports surfaces (including running tracks, football fields, swimming lanes …), 10 chess tables and 8 goals as well as the golf course with 18 holes in REUSY have needed about 320 balls (football, basketball, tennis, table tennis), 600 flyers for badminton or 34 chessmen etc.

This number of participants generated a large direct and indirect economic impact in the area of influence. In fact, the UN IAG approached the € 1.4 million of direct economic impact in the area of influence of the Costa Daurada reached a figure close to € 2.8 million.



Rugby is a religion in UK and even more when we are talking about RBS 6 Nations Championship. Having the opportunity to form part of a Wales – England means living an experience that goes beyond sport.

The event itself creates an atmosphere that transforms the show into business, surrounding it with an aura that generates engagement, exceeding by far the merchant part of the event. This is an example of an Always’ hospitality project reaching what our client was looking for, engagement. Just check how the assistant enjoyed and lived the experience.



Ferrari is the brand among brands and, of course, when Always Events activates an event of this gauge, we consider more things than only the venue, guests or the different actions that will occur.

To amaze is really difficult, but in Always we want our actions to become something more than “original or surprising”. The brand that works with Always knows that we are offering them what they are really looking for, what French call “charme”.



Building loyalty between the world’s most emblematic brand and their own partners seems easy, but in this case we are talking about engagement, how to value your own identity with the brand and feel as it is a part of you.

In Ferrari´s event, the goal was to improve the partners’ nexus with the brand. A brand with this attraction power needs a really focused, as being partner of Ferrari involves working for the world´s best brand, which means that being in second place is considered a failure.





Technology as a solution to content marketing

So, what does this Iberdrola Green Runners Experience consists, that generates so many solutions to our client?

As we were creating an experience, the user could not be only a spectator or we couldn’t wait for him to decide to participate actively in the programme. We had to make sure that everyone could participate. Therefore, our starting premise was: you are going New York City to run NY City´s Marathon.

But, will our client accept this option? What happens with those that had never run before? Or those who had just started to run? Or those that they practiced sport but they didn´t dare to face this challenge?

In Always we had very clear that the best way to make everyone feel comfortable, accompanied and that they could really face the goal was to have an expert beside them. The solution was having a personal trainer who would prepare a personalised training plan according to anyone’s level.

This is a logical situation, but it didn´t solve completely the need. Iberdrola has their internal clients all over the world, so we needed to be conscious about the impossibility of providing a personal trainer for each of them. However, it was unavoidable that the premise was to “personalise the offer” and we had to do it for many people.

Technology completed the process and eased the solution.

We created our own application that could be used from a computer, smartphone or tablet, in which the trainer and users could connect whenever they wanted and without schedule problems.

An application where the user could download the training plans, chat with the coach, inform of news, provide ideas and solutions…

But, also it should be useful and easy to use. Therefore the application synchronized the users cell phone with a heart rate monitor and with one of the most popular runners application, enabling them to upload their results from the smartphone with just one click.

Thereby, Iberdrola offers an experience with their clients, with content generation, technologically adapted to the project needs and that allows to provide value to the users.




Training Experience, devirtualising as a method to activate and generate synergies.

Devirtualization is a term used in Social Networks to name when people meet outside their online world to get to know each other, either with a meeting, a congress, a forum or something similar.

In Iberdrola Green Runners we were conscious we had to “devirtualise” our runners, because, after 6 months of online hard work, we had to move them to an offline environment. With this objective we designed Iberdrola’s Training Experience Day, a step further in the Branded Content Program Always Group designed for Iberdrola.

A program that would allow a technical – sports day with the trainer, our runners to share a technical and sports day with our Trainer, but completely different to a “purely formal meeting” normally designed to meet each other and chat a bit. This event would be a final trial before the main goal, running NYC Marathon, that would be held in less than two months from that date.

Our personal trainer had a surprise for them. During the whole event (one day in Bilbao and another in Madrid), our runners had to face the toughest workout in 6 months of training: a circuit prepared by our trainer that would take all of them to their limits.

It was an exigent and selective circuit, equivalent to running 21km based on stages that combined technique, strength and speed and that made them work and sweat as much as they could.

They worked their strength through muscular work (proprioception, mix of jumps, one leg squats, pushups…)

Technique workouts were based on the correct way of running (strides, using arms, etc.). We prepared an Effort Measurement and a Cognitive Test (consisting on the repetition of efforts and maintaining and varying efforts) and Speed was also tested, with active resting in each stage.

This was a huge effort for them, that would enable us to see “in situ” the evolution of the athletes after 6 months of hard training sessions and be aware of the point each of them were and adapt their program and routines for the big date: New York City Marathon, that would be run on November 2nd.

Demanding, tough but motivating where some of the adjectives used by runners to describe their feeling on the workout days, an experience that made them grow and believe in themselves, not only as athletes but as individuals.

This was the last stop previous to New York City’s Marathon. A great sport and personal challenge for our guests, that, thanks to the Branded Content Program Iberdrola Green Runners, it would be faced with a superb preparation and motivation. New York City Marathon would become one of the most beautiful days of their life as runners.