How to make profitable a consolidated project

Formula 1 is obviously a business. Having the opportunity of organising a Grand Prix assumes the opportunity of doing business in many scopes. There are many questions you should ask yourself when planning the Marketing and Commercialising Strategy in this type of events: is it possible to increase profitability in a consolidated project? How we can manage it? How much more can the Event Organiser make bigger profit from the event?

Logically, these aren´t easy questions to answer and even less to achieve them. These types of macro events have already measured their capacity of generating business: merchandising, facilities, teams, advertising…, because most of the commodities have already closed their marketing contracts, but what can be seen, in theory, as a difficulty, in Always we consider it a challenge and an opportunity, and this is one of our added values.

Always Group received the order of managing and commercializing the F1 Grand Prix 2012 in Valencia Street Circuit.

Before Always joined the Organising Committee, the existing strategy that was set included guidelines maintained during the last years and, obviously, they were going nowhere.

  • The price policy was focused, exclusively, on reducing prices year over year, creating bonuses…
  • The actions planned and undertaken added no value to the purchasing itself, so it was unexpected to wait for an improvement of the event that would increase its value.
  • Commercialization was focused mainly on local market, with little commercialization outside Valencia.
  • Non – existent international commercialization of the event, beyond the already established channels, due to the fact the internationality of the event
  • Local communication policy mainly based on the Region’s TV. The rest of national media where at the mercy of the criterion of the own TV, radio or press
  • No Social Media strategic plan


The strategic objective raised by the client was very clear, ambitious and complex:


Always Group designed a strategy focused on maximizing commercialisation actions to attract spectators, as the client wants “to see the stands full.”

The tactical actions proposed by Always were very clear; to obtain the higher profit with the existing resources and creating new commercialisation formulas:

  1. An own commercialization offer was designed
  2. An own sales channel was created
  3. Renegotiation of the contract with the principal sponsor
  4. New trade agreements were managed with national business
  5. Socialization of the event to get commercial involvement of local business

Personal Experience – Santiago Bernabeu

Santiago Bernabeu Experience

Witnessing La Liga’s ending is an incredible experience, but living a match between Real Madrid CF – Valencia CF at the Santiago Bernabeu exceeds all expectations.

Santiago Bernabeu’s environment creates an atmosphere full of unique sensations, perfect to take care with customers or suppliers and even with peers outside the workplace. Appreciate how the match is viewed from within an incredible atmosphere.



Rugby is a religion in UK and even more when we are talking about RBS 6 Nations Championship. Having the opportunity to form part of a Wales – England means living an experience that goes beyond sport.

The event itself creates an atmosphere that transforms the show into business, surrounding it with an aura that generates engagement, exceeding by far the merchant part of the event. This is an example of an Always’ hospitality project reaching what our client was looking for, engagement. Just check how the assistant enjoyed and lived the experience.



Ferrari is the brand among brands and, of course, when Always Events activates an event of this gauge, we consider more things than only the venue, guests or the different actions that will occur.

To amaze is really difficult, but in Always we want our actions to become something more than “original or surprising”. The brand that works with Always knows that we are offering them what they are really looking for, what French call “charme”.



Building loyalty between the world’s most emblematic brand and their own partners seems easy, but in this case we are talking about engagement, how to value your own identity with the brand and feel as it is a part of you.

In Ferrari´s event, the goal was to improve the partners’ nexus with the brand. A brand with this attraction power needs a really focused, as being partner of Ferrari involves working for the world´s best brand, which means that being in second place is considered a failure.